Synthetic data as stepping stones in health care innovation

We learned a lot from hosting our synthetic health data hackathon back in November 2020, and we're happy to share a new report conducted by Digital Hub Denmark in cooperation with Copenhagen’s main university hospital, Rigshospitalet, and Deloitte Danmark, where they shone a spotlight on the huge potential of synthetic health data.

These findings show how synthetic data can be used as a valuable privacy-preserving technique – and not least as an alternative to real health data. For a long time, it has been a challenge to share health data without compromising data privacy regulations and a wide range of legal, ethical, and organizational constraints.

One of the key findings was that it was valuable to use synthetic data in combination with real data in terms of increasing the data set size and thereby improving the performance of artificial intelligence models.

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Using synthetically generated data sets is a new method that makes it possible to use health data when developing and testing algorithms and machine learning models without the need for accessing the original data. “Synthetic health data represents a huge potential for early involvement of researchers and startups in the development of healthcare solutions of the future. Let’s make it happen here in Denmark”, says Director Henning Langberg, Head of Innovation at Rigshospitalet. Read the full report, and learn how synthetic health data can be a valuable method:

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