Synthetic Health Data Hackathon 2020

On the weekend of November 27-29th, 2020, we hosted the online Synthetic Health Data Hackathon 2020, and what an event!

80+ students and researchers distributed on 20 teams had 40 hours to get creative with datasets related to diabetes and Alzheimer's, the goal was to develop innovative ways to work with different synthetic data sets with feedback from advisers from Lundbeck, Novo, the Danish National Genome Center, and Max Planck. The hackathon was completely online, but that encouraged international attendance and people across disciplines including bioinformatics, medicine, and biology, from universities and companies across the globe.

From the feedback we got it’s clear our attendees thought synthetic data will have a big role to play in the future of data sharing between researchers, and so do we.

The hackathon website will stay up if you are interested in learning more about the hackathon or the projects:


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