The Synthetic Health And Research Data (SHARED) Project

SHARED is an active research project exploring opportunities, developing methods, and raising awareness of synthetic data in healthcare.

What if data could be shared freely between researchers?

The untapped potential of synthetic data in health research is a gold mine just waiting to be uncovered.

Health data should be used to develop innovative health technology

Health data is a gold mine of vital knowledge with a unique potential to improve collective health and develop world-class health tech solutions.

To protect patient privacy, we must respect GDPR

At present, several legal, regulatory, and organizational barriers are restricting the access to health data in Denmark and in the other Nordic countries

Synthetic data is safe data

The benefit of synthetic data is that, unlike de-identified datasets, synthetic datasets contain no data from natural persons, which completely eliminates the risk of re-identification. But to do that, we need robust methods for synthesizing data. This is what the SHARED project is about.

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